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Our Goals Are To:

  • Work with the local academic community to develop and support dedicated laboratories investigating the Molecular Biology of Hearing and Deafness in Hampton Roads. Specific areas of interest to include:
    • Molecular Genetics and Gene Mapping of Inherited Deafness
    • Molecular Regulation of Auditory Development
    • Molecular Biology of Hair Cell Damage, Regeneration and Protection
    • Molecular Biology of Temporal Bone Disease
    • Molecular Medicine for the Treatment of Hearing Loss and Deafness
    • Mutagenesis Projects and Screening for Deafness Genes

  • Support research initiatives at local institutions including
    • Development of fully implantable hearing aid technology
    • Drug trials for treatment of dizziness and tinnitus
    • Clinical trials for the treatment of disorders of the skull base
    • Vaccine development for prevention of otitis media and recurrent ear infections
    • Investigational trials of advanced cochlear implant technology

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