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October 25, 2010 


CHEAR is happy to announce that we can begin taking applications for low cost hearing aids for people with low incomes.  To qualify, the applicant must meet the financial criteria and submit the application to CHEAR.  Download the application here.


Thursday, June 10, 2010 

North Carolina Enacts Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage Mandate

On Monday, June 7, North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue signed into law a requirement that hearing aids for children and teens through the age of 21 be covered by North Carolina health benefit plans, including the North Carolina State Employees Health Plan. The new insurance benefit provides coverage of up to $2,500 per ear every three years.

Nine-year-old Collin Tastet, whose family is a member of AG Bell, gained statewide media coverage as the leading advocate behind passage of the mandate. Collin has worn hearing aids since he was 8 weeks old and his parents largely credit early access to listening and spoken language for Collin’s success in school. At the bill signing ceremony, Collin said, “I can hear my friends...that’s why I want other kids to have them.”  AG Bell members who were influential in helping to get this legislation passed include the Tastet family, the Skergan family, the Soltani family, the Katsiagianis family, and Joni Alberg, Executive Director of North Carolina's BEGINNINGS and a member of AG Bell’s Public Affairs Council.  

Hearing Loss Support Group  
Adults with hearing loss and parents of children with hearing loss are invited to share and and learn with others.  Childcare available for ages 2-5.  Click here for more information.


Sunday June 13, 2010 at Hunt Club Farm

We had a wonderful time at Hunt Club Farm with many families in attendence.  We stayed cooler (a little) under the fan and enjoyed food, games, animals and each other's company.

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Download Something to Chear About Volume I Issue I

Children with cochlear implants report quality of life equal to peers with normal hearing based on new research. 
from American Academy of Otolaryngology - HNS
Click here to read article.

Older Ears Hear Again With Cochlear Implants
from MSNBC
A growing numbers of seniors are turning to cochlear implants and external processors to restore communication and connection — and to prove that a slow descent into deafness is not an inevitable consequence of aging. More

Cochlear Implants in Children a Safe Procedure, Study Suggests
from Science Daily
In the six decades since French and American surgeons implanted the first cochlear hearing devices, the procedure in children has become reliable, safe, and relatively free of severe complications. More


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