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Our Goals Are To:

  • Purchase, equip and staff a mobile hearing van to take hearing tests and hearing aid services closer to those who need them

  • Develop and support a donor hearing aid program

  • Provide funding for hearing aid and cochlear implants needy individuals

  • Support local/national and international medical service programs

  • Support and enhance hearing screening programs

  • Support services for speech and language training for adults and children

  • Develop public school educational programs involving hearing loss and noise exposure

  • Provide scholarship programs to assist in educational needs for persons with hearing loss and for persons who aspire to treat those who have hearing and balance problems

  • Develop auditory/oral language programs locally

  • Provide opportunities for linkage of hearing-impaired individuals to available rehabilitative programs

  • Support Parent-Infant programs and other programs for parents of children with hearing impairment
  • Advocate for persons with hearing loss within the medical, legal, and governmental arenas
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