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Clinical Services

Our Goals Are To:

  • Provide resources and opportunities so that all persons with hearing loss and balance problems can access comprehensive medical, audiological, and speech and language services

  • Work with medical professionals in order to develop and expand the programs and equipment needed to enable the most advanced treatment of hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus

  • Support clinical trials of new hearing technologies including implantable hearing devices, digital hearing aids and cochlear implants

  • Provide funding for the development of a regional center of excellence for Skull Base Surgery Center involving Neurotology, Neurosurgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Medical Oncology, Radiation Therapy and Physical Therapy in order to address tumors and malignances involving the ear and base of the skull

  • Provide support for further development of newborn hearing screening protocols to identify hearing loss at the earliest possible age

  • To assist in coordination of rehabilitative services for hearing-impaired children and adults

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